Partnership for Tourism Industry

The website is aimed at German-speaking tourists, an easy name and a good appearance. What we need is great content. We request this from the USA. On the one hand tourism associations and DMCs, on the other hand the Americans we meet here and finally travelers who tell us about their experiences.

We are glad about every destinations adn proposal. Please send us informations, images, links, ideas for a constructive cooperation. Our work should be rewarded. We will translate everything into German. The website is continuously updated. Always focused on tourism news.

It’s an expensive premium domain that we pay for and invest a lot of time. Now more research will be done, the website will be filled with posts and directories. The concept and the financing is described here.

We are fit with WordPress and can export data directly from your website and then translate them and integrate them on our website. So we guarantee excellent content in German. In the region Baden we hold WordPress Meetups.

In a first step we have phoned and written to the potential partners in the USA. 

Now it goes to work, we thank you for any support.